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  • Greys Roofing Random Diminishing Welsh Blue Slate

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    Reproduction Random Diminishing
    Welsh Roofing Slate

     Up to 75% Cost Saving of Natural Welsh Slate 

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    Reproduction Random Diminishing
    Welsh Roofing Slate

     Available for immediate delivery 

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    Reproduction Random Diminishing
    Welsh Roofing Slate

     FREE Site Survey and FREE Slate Samples 

  • Greys Roofing Random Diminishing Welsh Blue Slate

Reproduction Random Diminishing Welsh Slate

Advantages of Reproduction Random Diminishing Welsh Slate

  • Up to 75% Cost Saving of Natural Product
  • Product readily Available (no long lead times therefore no site delays)
  • Uniform thickness, No Sorting or Grading required by Building/Roofing Contractor, saving on time and labour
  • Designed to diminish, batten schedules provided
  • Construction allows easy cutting without cracking or breaking
  • Coloured through product, Weathers like slate not concrete
  • Site visits / Sample slates on request
  • Available in Blue/Grey & Heather Purple Colours
  • manufactured in the ukManufactured in the UK
Random Diminishing Welsh Slate

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greys artslate logoAn increasingly popular traditional slate specification is “random roofing” or also known as “diminishing courses”.
Random slating would enhance a restoration project or creating a stunning aesthetic or visual effect on a brand new building.
As specialists in manufacturing Random Diminishing Stone slates for the Yorkshire Dales National Park of over 25 years, Greys introduced the Random Roofing Slates in January 2018 to provide the UK roofing market with a real alternative to the costly, labour intensive natural slate.

With sizes larger at the bottom of the roof scape and smaller as it is laid to the ridge, and random widths per course, its rustic appearance complements all architectural designs.
Greys provides batten schedules to create an easy to lay format that needs no pre drilling, or sorting or grading to provide savings in time and labour.
The slate has all the characteristics of a natural random diminishing slate with all the advantages of a modern building material.
Each individual slate is hand crafted using moulds taken from slate originals.
The fine edge detail and textured surface combines with realistic colouration to create an attractive alternative to natural slate.
Greys Artslate roofing slates have been designed in consultation with professional roofers and architects, to achieve an easy to lay and uniform slating format.
Greys Artslate Roofing Slates are constructed from Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) producing a strong and durable slate weighing only 30kgm2.
Their construction allows them to be cut easily without cracking or breaking and looks like slate when cut.

Designed to Diminish

Our slates are designed to give a random diminished course roofscape. A wide range of sizes ensure the roof can be laid using a random diminishing course technique providing greater weather protection and an authentic look.


New Quarried Welsh Blue/Grey


New Quarried Welsh Heather/Purple



Greys Artslate Random Diminishing Slate Size

Reproduction Stone Slate Technical Data

Our standards speak for themselves

  • Weight - 30kgm2
  • Construction - Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement
  • Fixings - 35mm Copper or Aluminium alloy nails to BS 5534:2003 codes of practice for slating and tiling
  • Durability - To BS 7543:2003, ‘The durability of building and building elements, products and components’
  • Colour - Coloured through with pigments to BS 1014
  • Fire - None combustible to BS 476 P.T.4
  • Approved for Conservation Areas, National Parks and Grade 2 Listed Buildings
  • Freeze / Thaw - Products comply to BS EN 492:2012
  • Strength - Better than BS EN 492:2-12
  • Permeability - To BS EN 492:2012

All the slates in our range have been successfully tested for durability, colour, strength, fire and freeze thaw. Many of our competitors use traditional concrete, their slates aren’t protected from the elements, which will expose the aggregate over time. See the example below.

Example of GRC Construction versus none GRC Construction.
Greys GRC Slate

Weathers like a natural stone or slate product

Aggregate Concrete Slate

Weathers and shows aggregate over time

  • Greys GRC Slate

    Weathers like a natural stone or slate product

  • Aggregate Concrete Slate

    Weathers and shows aggregate over time

In a recent document The International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association recommend that for good quality GRC, ductile lifetimes of at least 60-80 years can be confidently expected in UK weather conditions. (Source: www.grca.org.uk).

Roof Pitch Headlap Specification

  • Job Specific - Batten Shedule Provided

Swithland Slate

The Beautiful and elegant Swithland Slate is an important feature of buildings in the East Midlands. 
With the closure of the of the two main pit quarries back in the 1800’s, the East midlands area has been eagerly awaiting a Random Diminishing product that replicates the rustic beauty of the original Swithland Slate, that has given the area its distinctive charm.
Due to the Blue/ Grey and Heather purple colours available in the Greys Reproduction Random Diminishing Slate, these replicate perfectly the original coloured shades (see below) of the Swithland Slate.

Ridges and Ventilation Systems

Greys Artstone Reproduction Stone Ridge

Repro Stone Slate Ridge

Repro Stone Vent Ridge

Legged Angled Slate Ridge

Slate Ridges

Reproduction Vent Slate

Greys Artstone Vent Slate

Dry Ridge System


Our Green Credentials:

Greys Roofing Products are manufactured using CEM 2 Cement that contains 30% Fly Ash (Fly Ash is the correct term as appears in European and British Standards and has replaced “pfa”) Pulverised Fly Ash (pfa) is a waste product of pulverised fuel (typically coal) from fired power stations.

Our Products are Guaranteed

We’re confident our product is durable enough and manufactured to the highest of standards that we give a 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

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Colour and Efflorescence COLOUR: Stone and Slate colours on this website are subject to the limitations of monitor quality and are for guidance only. EFFLORESCENCE: The phenomenon of efflorescence has been a problem to the construction industry for decades. The cause lies in the basis chemistry of all Portland cements. Efflorescence in Greys Artstone products is a temporary phenomena and will disappear over time.

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