Plan Take Off Service

We always like to make things easy at Greys Artstone and our Plan Take Off Service is no exception.
Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll scale them to size for a full take off.

If you would like more information on our Plan Take Off Service please contact our Sales Team on: 01484 666400 we're always happy to help.

Greys Roofng Products

Reproduction Stone Slate

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Natural Stone

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Reproduction Welsh Slate

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Reproduction Westmorland Green Slate

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Our Green Credentials:

Greys Roofing Products are manufactured using CEM 2 Cement that contains 30% Fly Ash (Fly Ash is the correct term as appears in European and British Standards and has replaced “pfa”) Pulverised Fly Ash (pfa) is a waste product of pulverised fuel (typically coal) from fired power stations.

Our Products are Guaranteed

We’re confident our product is durable enough and manufactured to the highest of standards that we give a 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

Colour and Efflorescence COLOUR: Stone and Slate colours on this website are subject to the limitations of monitor quality and are for guidance only. EFFLORESCENCE: The phenomenon of efflorescence has been a problem to the construction industry for decades. The cause lies in the basis chemistry of all Portland cements. Efflorescence in Greys Artstone products is a temporary phenomena and will disappear over time.

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